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Junkyard Mob is an uncensored automotive history, news, entertainment, and opinion site. We cover cars, boats, planes, bikes, and virtually anything else with gears. Junkyard Mob is an independent site founded by everyday car enthusiasts who love tinkering with junkyard machines and Craigslist cars. Junkyard Mob focuses on cars that real people drive, and other cool stuff that we (and out readers) come across.

In other words, we’re a glorified car blog built by some college kids with a copious amount of HTML and Red Bull.

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Junkyard Mob is growing rapidly, and we’re always looking for the best contributors and car stories. If you have a story to share about anything mechanical, expertise, or an interest in the automotive industry, reach out on our contact page! All candidates are considered individually.


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Junkyard Mob does its best to properly attribute photographs when necessary. If we miss something or your photo appears on Junkyard Mob without proper attribution, please see “DISCLAIMERS” and contact us below. If you’d like to submit a photo, reach out on our contact page and we’d be happy to host it.

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We aim to keep Junkyard Mob as focused and informative as possible, so we consider guest post offers on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us with information about your offer and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Junkyard Mob is an automotive opinion and entertainment and education blog or website. The reader assumes all risk. No author, editor, or anyone associated with Junkyard Mob is responsible for what you do with the information on this site. The information and views shared on this site doesn’t necessarily represent the viewpoints of Junkyard Mob, and are opinions that belong solely to the authors. We do not encourage or condone illegal or dangerous activities. We are not responsible for whatever you do or say. Under no circumstances will Junkyard Mob, its authors, advertisers, or affiliates be held liable for consequential, indirect, exemplary, or incidental damages associated with use of this site. Content is presented on an ‘as-is’ basis with no warranty or guarantee of completeness or correctness, regardless of the content of the articles. Neither the authors, editors, associates, affiliates, etc, or Junkyard Mob are responsible for omissions or errors. Some copyrighted material may appear on Junkyard Mob, and if so, it appears only for educational or research purposes which is believed to fall under “fair use” in accordance to Title 17 U.S.C. 107 of U.S. Copyright Law. We publish everything in good faith.

Our Writers

Joshua Weinstein

Joshua Weinstein

Restorer of Classic Cars & Trucks

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I rebuild & restore classic cars and trucks when I'm not researching and writing about all things automotive. My current project is a 1978 Ford.

Clarke Bradford

Clarke Bradford

Junker Collector & Automotive Enthusiast

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Clarke is an automotive enthusiast with a massive collection of junker cars and trucks. Based in Colorado, Clarke spends the winter months researching automotive news and history. During the summer, he’s the lead Junkyard Mob off-road, motocross, and watersports contributor.

Sidney Long

Sidney Long

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I am an enthusiastic mechanical engineer skilled in CAD, production processes, and evaluating product performance. My keen interest lies in automobile mechanisms, and I thrive on teaming up with others to create groundbreaking designs. Continuously eager to broaden my expertise, I actively pursue new challenges, academic pursuits, and insights from like-minded peers.

Myles Klein

Myles Klein

Classic West Coast 'Car Guy'

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Myles is a classic west coast ‘car guy’ with a passion for classic Chrysler vehicles. Myles is a musician and writer during the week, and a Junkyard Mob contributor on weekends.

Joe Peoria

Joe Peoria

Enthusiast & Amateur Mechanic

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Joe is a car enthusiast, amateur mechanic, and Junkyard Mob contributor based in the Rocky Mountains. He spends his free time working on his numerous Toyota Camrys and exploring the region.

Matt Lane

Matt Lane

Classic Vehicle Enthusiast

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Hey! My name is Matt, and I am the founder of JunkyardMob - a website I created that focuses mainly on vintage cars & trucks, but covers really anything with gears!

As a classic car junkie, I've been around cars all my life, but it wasn't until I was in college that I became passionate about them.

I started off just wanting to restore 1 vintage car, but it’s addicting and I found myself buying more and more classics. Over the years I've collected a multitude of cars, but I still have a few left to find!

The goal of this blog is not only to share information but also to build a community around classic cars.

So who is this website for?

The site is for anyone who has a classic car or wants to start learning and collecting them.

If you're new to buying classic cars, then this website will help you learn a lot about the dos and don’ts of buying one so that you can avoid the mistakes I've made.

Overall, I want to build a community that cares about classic cars. Let’s keep old cars out of the junkyard, and get them driving on the road!

If you have any questions or comments about your vintage car, feel free to contact me at matt@junkyardmob.com.