1988 Mastercraft Prostar 190 Specs and Review

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The 1988 Mastercraft ProStar 190 is a fast, agile, and capable speedboat designed for water skiing and wakeboarding. Equipped with a Ford 351 Windsor marine engine, this fiberglass flat-bottom has plenty of power for a range of watersports. Here are the specs and a quick owner’s review of the ‘88 ProStar ski boat.

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  • Good for water skiing and wakeboarding
  • Not the best ‘day boat’ due to limited seating and rough ride



The 1988 Mastercraft ProStar 190 has a length of 19 feet and a beam (width) of 78 inches. The vessel weighs 2,200 lbs dry and has a maximum capacity of 1,085 lbs or 8 persons. This model came equipped with an inboard 240hp Ford 351 Windsor V8 engine.



The ProStar 190 is a fiberglass flat-bottom ski boat with a ‘V’ type bow. While not ideal for comfort, the hull planes quickly and maneuvers well on calm water.



This 1988 Mastercraft ProStar 190 came with a Mastercraft-branded Ford V8 engine producing roughly 240 horsepower. The engine features a Holley-style 4-barrel carburetor, cast iron intake manifold, and traditional points ignition. The center-mounted inboard engine is easily accessible beneath a padded engine box that hinges from the rear.



The ProStar 190 features a right-hand drive arrangement, which is common on ski boats. The standard gauge layout features two speedometers and a tachometer, along with engine monitoring gauges. Additionally, auxiliary switches and radio are included.

Handling Characteristics

The ProStar 190 is fast and agile but doesn’t the smoothest ride on rough water. Passengers often describe it as a ‘wet’ boat, as spray and splashes are an issue in the back seat. The low freeboard is a tradeoff; it makes it easier for skiers to get on and off the boat, but offers little protection from spray.


Q: How Much does the Mastercraft ProStar 190 Cost?

A: Used 1988 Mastercraft ski boats vary widely in price, but a decent example can be found for between $5,000 and $20,000. On the used market, $10,500 seems to be the average for a late 1980s model.

Q: Is the Mastercraft ProStar easy to drive?

A: One of the advantages of the ProStar 190 is its handling. The boat is very easy to drive, especially for beginners. This vessel is forgiving and the throttle is precise. However, the ProStar 190 is difficult to steer in reverse, so it’s best to approach the dock confidently.

Q: Is the Mastercraft ProStar expensive to maintain?

A: Another advantage of Mastercraft boats is that parts are plentiful. By the late 1980s, most boat hardware was standardized. This means that stores like West Marine stock most of the replacement fittings, gaskets, instruments, and plugs that you’ll ever need.


The 1988 Mastercraft ProStar 190 is an excellent all-around ski boat. It also functions well as a day boat, though creature comforts are spartan compared to purpose-built ‘family’ speedboats such as the Glastron Aqualift II.