10 Best Classic Cars For Sale In Alabama

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If you are looking for a classic car to purchase, what are the ten best classic cars for sale right now in Alabama?

You are attempting to find the right classic car to own, and that endeavor starts with a search. The last thing you want to do is to lock down on a car, only find that you could have found a better, more valuable car a few days later. Since you are about to lay down a considerable amount of money, it is essential to invest wisely. What’s out there? What is the current inventory?

The ten best classic cars for sale in Alabama are, but are not inclusive, as of this writing -

  • 1965 Ford Mustang
  • 1968 Chevy Camaro
  • 1968 Chevy Corvette Convertible
  • 1932 Ford Coupe
  • 1968 El Camino
  • 70 Jeep J10
  • 1941 Packard

The right classic car for you is out there. There are many options for locating your dream car; car clubs and auto shows, wholesalers specializing in classic and antique cars, and even the neighbor who needs quick cash. But wherever you decide to make your purchase, be sure to do your homework. Check the pricing, including the potential for growth and value. Be mindful of the car's age and how hard it has been driven. If you want a car with original numbers and all OEM equipment, you need to be the one to verify that information. While many reputable dealers and owners out there make transactions every day, there are some apples in the bunch that will gladly see you overpay for a car.

So let’s explore what the ten best classic cars for sale in Alabama are right now and see if we can answer some questions along the way.

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What are the Top Ten Best Classic Cars in Alabama?

While there are many cars to choose from in the land of the Crimson Tide, we’ve tried to narrow it down to a few of our favorites. We encourage every potential owner to contact the seller via the links we’ve provided to ensure that the price is still valid and the car is still available.

1965 Ford Mustang

The iconic Mustang of the 60s is one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road today. After Ford had offered a great deal of speculation about the car, they introduced this “Pony” car to appeal to younger drivers who wanted something sporty and straightforward to drive. The long hood allowed for the placement of the V8 to give the car a sportscar pep, and the classic shortened rear end made it feel less formal than its counterparts, the Ford Falcon or Fairlane.

This particular Ford Mustang was a part of the original owners who owned Collins Ford. It has 88k miles and is powered by the original 289 cu. Inch V8 and has been completely rebuilt to stock factory specs. The paint is a gorgeous deep violet with a black interior. Since1989 the car has had less than 20k miles put on it and is scheduled to be auctioned soon. The car is being offered for less than the average price and is worth investigating further. For more information, please check out the following website at craigslist.com

1968 Chevy Camaro

Desperate to compete with the Mustang, Chevrolet needed to launch its own iconic sports coupe in the mid-60s. And so, they introduced the Chevrolet Camaro, never realizing that the car would be such a tremendous hit. Since then, the Camaro has been one of the best-selling cars ever built with its unique style and performance. Most older Camaros are highly sought after, and the 67 - 69 are of particular interest to collectors and car enthusiasts alike.

This particular car is for sale by a private owner who has spent some time loving and caring for the project. With less than 42k miles, the car has excellent blue paint, with an original 327 cu.-in. V8 under the hood. This Camaro has a newly redone interior and headliner and runs excellent. In addition, this ad for this vehicle is very recent (it has been posted for only one day, as of this writing). The car is garaged near Hunstville. Interested parties can reach the owner privately for more information. Check out the pictures and info @ craigslist.com

1932 Ford Coupe

The ‘32 Little Deuce Coupe is one of the most celebrated antique classics on the road, spawning the American Youth movement of the 60s. With a beach vibe, a hip reputation, and buoyed by the lyrics of the Beach Boys, this little car became a generation's go-to hot rod. The truth is that finding a complete roadster that requires little to no update is rare and will likely bid well for its continued rise in value.

This little beauty shines as a complete restoration/remodel, ready to drive immediately. No detail has been overlooked with a beautiful teal paint job and upgraded interior. The 350 V8 will provide all the pep you need. The350 transmission, with a 9” rear, will make it a blast to drive. The car has power windows, locks, and a power trunk. It also has upgraded suspension components. While not original equipment, this fun little dragster is priced very well and is currently garaged near Birmingham. Interested parties can find more information at craigslist.com

1968 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

The Chevy Corvette Convertible is another instantly recognizable car with loads of upside. The Stingray was modeled after a Mako Shark with a characteristic nose and flowing backside. The Corvette was completely redesigned for the 1968 model year and came in two choices, coupe, and convertible. A powerful V8 engine was put under the hood.

This Corvette has a new soft top, interior carpet, seats, and tilt steering. Under the hood is a 327 matching OEM engine with automatic transmission and power brakes. The car also has AC, power seats, and power windows. The hard top is available. The car is located near Dothan. While the car does have over 100k miles on it, parts are still readily available, and it wouldn’t take much to transform this car into a high-value piece of nostalgia, thereby increasing its worth. For more information, please contact craigslist.com.

1968 El Camino SS

Is it a car or truck? While the government may classify the El Camino as a pickup, most of the design cues from 1968 were taken from the Chevelle, and through blending the best of both, this dependable car/truck hybrid was born. 1968 is the 3rd generation of the vehicle, which had been an attempt by Chevy to compete with the popularity of the Ford Ranchero that had been introduced several years prior. The 68 model was more significant than previous models and is considered the most sought-after of the El Camino model years. (Believe me, the El Camino will only continue to grow in value)

This particular vehicle is an SS model (making it even more desirable) with a 396 V8, the most potent V8 you could buy for that year. The car is all original equipment, white with a black vinyl interior and factory air. A Muncie 4-speed transmission powers the drivetrain, and this is a rare beauty that you will not find very often. Most El Caminos (Spanish for “The Way”) are already resting comfortably in someone’s collection. Don’t miss this one. The car is located in West Mobile. For more information, contact craigslist.com

1977 Porsche 930 Turbo 911

The Porsche 911 set the standard for measuring all other Porsche products. The 911 satisfied drivers' need to go fast, while the innate beauty of the car appealed to a wealthy class. Power, strength, and style blended into one epic handling sportscar. The 911 became the flagship star after leading sales every year. The 911 is considered a reliable classic car since it has remained unchanged for nearly 30 years.

While not much is known about this particular vehicle, the pictures do not indicate the inside. The price is reasonable for this model of car, and the value of the 911 will only continue to increase. The car is a beautiful cocoa color, with power everything (including the antenna). The car is technically not in Alabama, being housed in Columbus, Ga (right across the state line). More information can be found on craiglist.com

1941 Packard

The Packard was the ultimate family hauler and had a great history of being a quality auto throughout the 30s and 40s. Collectors continue to seek out this fantastic old-time vintage vehicle. Even though the market for large sedans skyrockets in the early 2000s, these roadsters will become fashionable again.

Sometimes people are looking for a partial project that they can sink their teeth in. This vehicle is that kind of car. The body and engine are in good shape, but the interior needs work. With minimal effort, this Packard could stand tall and be the envy of the car meet. The price is not bad for everything done to the car; I suspect this one will not last long. It is housed near Huntsville if you want to go by and look at it. For more information, contact craigslist.com

1978 Jeep J10

Motorbiscuit.com reported in late 2021 that the values for 1970s J series Jeeps were skyrocketing through the roof. The popularity of the Golden Eagle and Honcho series Jeeps seems to have driven up the prices. Recently at an auction, one Golden Eagle J 10 fetched over $66,000, more than twice its value.

This Jeep is a J10 model with a 4.2 Liter 258 inline Six with 4x4, so you have no trouble off-roading should you wish to (although I wouldn’t do that with a classic car this expensive). The car has been garaged for most of its life near Birmingham and has a beautiful two-tone brown and tan paint job. The interior is primary and requires a minimal upgrade, The owner did mention some surface rust, but this shouldn’t be a big deal if it is relatively minor. For more information, contact craigslist.com.

1930 Willis Whippet

The Whippet was a quality car for its day, simple to drive, maintain, and dependable in quality. While this vehicle isn’t as easily recognized as other luxury makes from the 1930s, many high-profile brands like Mercedes and Daimler took cues from the artistry. More than anything, the Whippet was just a car that suffered from poor timing. Ford introduced the Model A a year after the Whippet, reducing the price and making it more attractive to many more car buyers.

This is another tender project vehicle that shouldn’t require much to be done to the car, and the owner says it runs great. All original parts with matching numbers. The Paint is an off blue with tan cloth interior. The price is firm from the owner. The car is housed in North Alabama, just south of the Tennessee line at Ardmore. For more info, contact craigslist.com

1928 Model “A” Ford

While the model T might have put the driving world on the map, the Model A turned it on its head. Responding to the stiff competition from other American manufacturers and decreasing sales, Henry Ford dedicated to wiping the slate clean and began to produce a vehicle that would appeal to the masses. The Model A became instantly famous as the primary car on the road in the early 1930s.

The 1928 Model A Ford Standard Roadster model needs tender loving care. There is some fender and bumper work that will need to be accomplished. This car is an award winner, and while there is just one picture, if you are looking for an early project car, this is the one you should tackle. Most Model A fetches more than the asking price here, so there is plenty of upsides. The car needs a new clutch and will likely require more repair to the engine. The owner is firm on price and requests serious inquiries only. Contact the owner at craigslist.com.