Can You Put The Andersen 5th wheel Hitch On A Short Bed?

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You’re thinking about a 5th wheel trailer, but the problem is you have a short bed truck. Can you put the Andersen 5th wheel hitch in a short bed?

Andersen makes an Ultimate Connection Hitch to tow a fifth-wheel trailer with a short bed truck. The UC sits on any standard gooseneck ball with a solid aluminum frame that offsets the fifth wheel connection. It is used with a gooseneck adapter, and the unit can tow up to 24k GTW and 6k lbs of TW.

Millions of Americans enjoy the luxury of fifth-wheel trailers to enjoy the beauty and scenery of the outdoors. But towing a 5th wheel home away from home can be stressful if you don’t have a big enough truck to get it where you need to go. Many RV owners have had to invest in larger pickup trucks with 8’ beds to pull these beauties. But now, Andersen Hitches may have solved the problem of what you can pull with a short-bed truck. The Ultimate Connection hitch turns any pickup into a reliable fifth-wheel hauler, and we have the details for you!

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What Is The Andersen Ultimate Connection 5th Wheel Hitch?

The Andersen Ultimate Connection Hitch is an excellent gooseneck adapter that allows for fifth-wheel trailers to be pulled by any size pickup truck.


The UC hitch sits atop an aluminum alloy frame that fits over the standard gooseneck ball or connects to a rail mount. At only 35 lbs, one person can install and remove it quickly by one person. The unit can be lifted and carried for storage when not towing.

The ball mount has three levels of adjustments (16 ¾ “ lower position, 17 ⅞ “ middle position, and 19 ⅛” upper position). The hitch ball has an 8-inch offset that helps give more clearance for short-bed truck owners, so they don’t have to worry about the trailer’s front smashing into the truck’s rear window.

The hitch also has a remote cable attached to the unit with a latch/unlatch wired setup that allows an owner to lock down a fifth-wheel kingpin without getting into the truck bed. Now, owners can pull into a campsite, unhook their trailer, and go exploring. The whole process takes minutes, not hours, so you can spend more time building memories instead of prepping your campsite and trailer.

Andersen sells this hitch for various gooseneck applications; rail, standard, raised, and flatbed. It is rated for short-bed trucks or a long-bed truck hitch setup.

Andersen offers a money-back guarantee, and the unit has a 4.8 rating on Amazon, and the Ultimate is one of Amazon’s choices for the best fifth-wheel hitch on the market.

Key Features:

  • An 8-inch offset ball allows for short-bed trucks
  • Remote cable latch/unlatch system
  • It Fits any gooseneck ball hitch - 2 5/16 inches
  • Three Vertical adjustment levels
  • Easy Installation
  • High-Grade Aluminum
  • The Ultimate Connection base weighs 35 lbs.
  • Meets all safety standards
  • USA-made (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

How Much Does the Andersen Ultimate Hitch Cost?

The price for the Andersen Ultimate Hitch is around $1000, and the Ranch Adapter is another $599. If you already have a standard fifth-wheel hitch, the Ultimate Connection can fit on the existing bed rails.

What Are the Advantages of the Ultimate Connection Hitch?

For many RV owners, the Ultimate Connection hitch sells itself, and it has several positive advantages.


The Ultimate 5th wheel connection allows owners to haul a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer without removing any mounting hardware. The coupler rides on top of the offset ball and can be used to haul a gooseneck, or if owners prefer to use the hitch ball that lies flat in their truck bed, they can.

Remote Cable for Latch/Unlatch

The system uses a cable connection that sits on top of the offset hitch ball. Owners can save time coupling their trailer to the hitch without having to get their hands dirty.

Maintenance Free

The Andersen hitch has a greaseless coupler and ball.

Positive Experiences

Many RV owners have claimed that the UC hitch provides a towing experience that is incredibly smooth. The hitch does a great job of pulling a 5th wheel, handles uneven terrain, and works every bit as well as standard fifth-wheel hitches.

Are There Issues Concerning The Ultimate Connection Hitch?

There have been numerous concerns about the stability of the Ultimate Connection hitch.

Failure During Sudden Stops

There have been reports of the Andersen Ultimate Hitch failing during emergency braking. The aluminum alloy may handle most towing duties but cannot have the strength to hold up during a sudden stop. Some reports indicated that during an emergency situation, the base broke free from the truck bed, sending the trailer’s coupler down toward the cab’s rear. The failure resulted in extensive damage to both the trailer and the truck.

Aluminum is less sturdy than other composite metals, like iron or steel. (although many truck manufacturers have discovered the strength and the anti-rust properties of aluminum alloys). Most fifth-wheel hitches are made from steel alloy and are usually considered stronger. The Ultimate hitch could buckle if used to haul a large, heavy fifth wheel. (Never attempt to pull more trailer or tongue weight than you should)

Broken Back Windows

While Andersen claims that the Ultimate Hitch can be used with the offset ball in short-bed trucks, some owners have found themselves with cracked or broken back windows. While this hitch is ideally suited for a long bed pickup, owners must use the offset ball and not overload the pin box (if you plan to tow with a short bed). Some reports indicated damage to the tow vehicle, should the frame bend or twist under intense trailer sway or overturn conditions.

Is the Andersen Hitch Worth It?

The answer to this question will depend on the size of your RV trailer and the capacities of your tow vehicle. You should never attempt to tow more than your truck has the capacity to tow, and if you are using a short-bed truck, a smaller fifth-wheel camper is probably best. For heavier-weight trailers that are more likely to experience trailer sway or be influenced by strong cross winds, you are better off using a standard fifth-wheel hitch with dual jaws and a kingpin connection.

Andersen hitches are quality-made, USA-built, and have a proven track record for safe, secure towing. If you are considering options for fifth-wheel towing, various companies like Curt, or B & W produce excellent fifth-wheel hitches and mounts. These units are made of hardened steel, are heavier, and are harder to install, but they also provide better clearance when turning and towing.