Best 3 Point Quick Hitches

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A 3-point quick hitch has become one of the essential tools for anyone with a tractor. What is the best three-point quick hitch on the market?

The best quick hitches on the market today are listed below, with a description of each one.

  • Titan Attachments 3-point Green Quick Hitch
  • SpeeCo 3-point Quick Hitch
  • BigToolRack Hitch w/ Top Link Adapter
  • Harbor Freight HaulMaster Quick Hitch
  • John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch
  • Titan Attachments Cat 2 Hitch

Whether hauling mulch for the garden, moving hay into the field for livestock, or smoothing out gravel on the drive, Americans depend on their tractors for various uses. In years past, changing from one implement to another was a time-consuming nightmare, but with the development of the quick hitch, changing farm equipment is easy and efficient. Owners can spend more time getting things done than losing precious daylight to ensure the right equipment is attached correctly. But what is the best 3-point quick hitch system? What does it cost to have one on the back of your tractor? Are there different types? This article will examine several models of quick hitches to help you purchase the right hitch for your situation.

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What Is A Quick Hitch?

A quick hitch is a mechanism that attaches to the three-point hitch on the back of a tractor. The hitch apparatus looks like a small bridge, with legs on either side and a center cross beam. There are three attachment points (one for the top link and the other two for the lower connecting rods. Three pin hooks are designed to hook under connecting bolts/bushings on the implement. The owner simply has to back the trailer in line with the implement, lower the pin hooks beneath the top link bracket and then lift using the tractor’s hydraulic system. The hooks lift the implement, and a top link lever secures the load.

A quick hitch system makes coupling and uncoupling an implement much more manageable. The owner does not need to climb down, unhook the implement, drag it away, and then pull the new implement into place and reconnect all the hardware. The new system makes uncoupling easy by releasing the locking levers on top of the hitch, lowering the hooks, and driving away.

There is less risk of injury and significant time savings in getting projects done.

What Are The Best 3-Point Quick Hitches?

Several manufacturers produce three-point hitch systems, and some are only compatible with their tractors. You should know your tractor’s category classification before purchasing a quick hitch, as this will make a difference in what can be towed.

Titan Attachments 3-Point Green Quick Hitch

Titan Attachments 3-Point Green Quick Hitch
Titan Attachments 3-Point Green Quick Hitch

The Titan Attachments Quick Hitch is one of Amazon’s bestsellers and is designed to attach to three-point implements with ease. The hitch is made from 3” X 3” tubular steel reinforced with 9” high-quality grade steel plates under each russet.

It is easy to install, comes ready to mount onto the back of the tractor, and requires no special tools. Just back the tractor up to the quick hitch, hook up the top link bar and connect the lower lift pins to drive away. The adjustable top pin bracket fits most farm implements and makes hooking up farm implements very easy.

The hitch is a category 1 or 2 size - rated for hauling 3,000 lbs. The unit is lightweight at only 78 lbs, making it easy for the average person to maneuver. The quick hitch is 23.5” tall, and 30” wide, adding almost 8” depth. The Titan comes with a 1-year warranty and fast shipping. The hitch is offered in orange, black, and green finishes. It should be noted that the bushings for Cat 1 link pins are not included with the hitch and must be purchased separately.

Titan Attachments hasn’t been around for quite long, but they are producing some of the best tractor accessories today. Their national headquarters is located in Decatur, Tenn. (southeast Tennessee, about an hour outside of Chattanooga). The company has been in business since 2014. Their products are USA made. Titan offers various attachments, including pallet forks and skid steers for tractors and other farm equipment.


  • American made
  • Good reputation for quality parts
  • Easy to install
  • One-year warranty
  • Good customer service


  • Bushings should be included

SpeeCo 3-Point Quick Hitch

SpeeCo 3-Point Quick Hitch
SpeeCo 3-Point Quick Hitch

SpeeCo Quick Hitch earned the number one rating for new releases in Amazon’s towing and hitch category. This category one hitch hooks to a tractor’s 3-point linkage. It is a bit lighter than other competitors (69 lbs) but not significantly to make that much difference. The hitch is made of Steel Alloy (3x3 inch tubular steel and painted with a powder coat to help resist corrosion. The adjustable top link pin hook will fit almost every kind of farm element. The SpeeCo has spring-loaded levers to lock the lower lift pins into place.

The unit stands 23.5 inches tall, and 3o inches wide with a depth of 7.75 inches which is fairly standard as far as quick hitches go. The ease of installation was mentioned in more than one review, and the large lower pin hooks are sturdy enough to handle loads up to 3.000 lbs. This model does not require bushings which is a huge advantage compared to other units.

SpeeCo is a Chinese affiliate that works with American dealers like Tractor Supply Co and Amazon to promote their products. The company makes a vast amount of very inexpensive quick hitches, so you need to be sure of your specific tractor's exact category class and dimensions of your specific tractor before ordering. It does not have a direct website that would make ordering efficient and easy, so all refunds must go through the third party you purchased from. One review did comment on inadequate protection during shipping (corners were dinged). Since


  • Steel Alloy
  • Inexpensive compared to other models
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install on the tractor


  • Non-USA made
  • No warranty is present
  • Ineffective Shipping

BigToolRack  3 Point Quick Hitch

BigToolRack  3 Point Quick Hitch
BigToolRack  3 Point Quick Hitch

The BigToolRack Quick Point hitch is a black category one hitch that has 2,000 lbs of load capacity with adjustable lift arms and top link hooks. This configuration makes the hitch adaptable to almost any implement, and the rubber cam-operated grips are a nice touch. The BigToolRack is easy to install, works efficiently, and includes a quick hitch top link adapter for hooking up implements that might be older or unsuited to the three-point latch system. Connecting to a tractor implement has never been smoother. Most operators will not even have to leave their tractor seat.

The unit weighs a hefty 85 lbs, which indicates a strong tubular steel construction, providing greater torsional loading. The hitch is recommended for tractors with horsepower up to 50 HP, and unlike lots of other quick hitches, the mounting bolts and bushings are included.

BigToolRack’s story begins simply out of necessity, as the owner Tim Descoteaux from Morris, Connecticut, saw a need to build a rack that would attach to his compact tractor and carry his tools. The company morphed from a simple invention into a dependable tractor implement and hitch producer. BigToolRack has manufacturing facilities in the town where it all started, Morris, Connecticut.

The company has excellent service, ships fast, and offers a 10% discount for veterans. Many owners of the BigToolRack have also purchased the quick hitch for ease of use. (Check out the instructional videos that Tim makes, they are excellent tutorials).


  • USA Made
  • Veteran discount
  • Shipping
  • Great Videos
  • Top Link Adapter included


  • More expensive than other models

Harbor Freight HaulMaster Quick Hitch

The Harbor Freight quick hitch system fits most category-one tractors and is very budget-friendly. The hitch is made with steel tubular housing and finished in a black powder coat. The hitch allows for quick coupling of rear attachments.

The 3-point hitch is very lightweight at 61 lbs and has the standard spacing of 30” wide, 24” tall, and almost 8” deep. The HaulMaster is rated for up to 2,000 lbs and should not be used with tractors over 45 HP. The best fit for this quick hitch is for subcompact tractors on limited land acreage. The HarborFreight hitch has plenty of positive reviews, but there were complaints about adapting to a longer top link pin to hook up to multiple implements.

Harbor Freight has been around since the 70s with its network of tool warehouse stores, offering tools at discount prices. Their parts are usually made in China. The company does offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for any reason.


  • Budget-Friendly products
  • Return policy
  • Good reputation for bargain tools


  • Not USA made
  • No warranty
  • If a heavy-duty unit is needed, look elsewhere.

John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch

John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch
John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch

The John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch is a 70-pound hitch system guaranteed to match all category one implements designed for a 3-point standard quick hitch system. The hitch is offered in a powder coat finish (green, of course).

The iMatch hitch includes one set of bushings for easier connection, which might seem like no big deal, but when you consider that you will need one for each implement you tow, and that a bushing kit costs $30 - $40, it can get somewhat expensive. In addition, the reinforcement in the corners is less substantial than other manufacturers like SpeeCo, which lends some to question the quick hitch's structural rigidity.

The one drawback about Deere is that they tend to be a manufacturer that wants tractor owners to work only in their brand, so most of what they produce will only fit a John Deere unit. This hitch is not the case, but if the lower arms of the implement are wider than 30 inches, the attachment will not work. The hitch is slightly taller than most quick hitch units at 25.5 inches, but the width aligns with most implement manufacturers.

The iMatch is designed to work with John Deere tractors, so if you own one, there should be no worries. Deere has been producing tractors and accessories since 1837, so it is clear that they know a little bit about farm equipment. The trailer hitch is a good, quality product, but it is also the most expensive, which makes me wonder how much John Deere green paint is worth.


  • Good solid hitch
  • It fits all standard 3-point hitch implements
  • Long, established history


Expensive - You pay for John Deere green

Titan Attachments - Cat 2, 3-POINT Quick Hitch

Titan Attachments - Cat 2, 3-POINT Quick Hitch
Titan Attachments - Cat 2, 3-POINT Quick Hitch

We wanted to include a category II hitch for those serious about your farm work and more than just weekend dabblers. The Titan Cat 2 quick hitch is 97 lbs of pure muscle with heavy-duty steel construction and finished in a black powder coat for anti-corrosion resistance.

This hitch is rated for 4,000 lbs and fits on the back of any category two tractor. The hitch comes with a set of bushings and is much more solid on the back of the tractor than a lot of other weaker hitches. The lift arm spacing may need to be adjusted to accommodate smaller implements, but connections are easy.

This hitch has wider dimensions than cat one compact tractors might have. The unit is 22.75 inches tall, 36 inches wide, and 8.25 inches deep. Older implements will need a quick top link adapter which will need to be purchased separately. The company offers a one-year warranty.

Titan makes their products in the USA in Decatur, Tenn. The company has been producing some of the toughest tractor attachments and hitches on the market. This cat two hitch makes it easy to attach a bush hog or secure a tiller or hayrack implement without any issue.


  • USA made
  • Reasonably priced for Cat 2
  • Good reputation for building quality stuff
  • One-year warranty


  • Heavy at 95 lbs.