Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

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For anybody driving their SUV or truck off-road often, the best hitch mounted mud flaps can come in handy to improve overall vehicle protection.

The five best hitch mounted mud flaps include the following

  1. NorthWest Steel Crafters Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps
  2. Rockstar Agricover Full Width Tow Flap
  3. Access C100001 Mud Flaps
  4. Guide Gear Hitch Mount Mud Flaps
  5. LUVERNE Mud Flaps

Each product mentioned in this guide has been personally tested and ranked according to ease of installation, durability, vehicle protection, and other factors. Keep reading to upgrade your mud flaps with one of these products.

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5 Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

Hitch mount mud flaps are unique, but they continue to grow in popularity because they are easy to install and provide above-average protection against flying road debris. Most mud flaps get installed around the tires, but not this type.

Instead, they get attached directly to the ball mount or hitch receiver. This is the ideal product to prevent rock damage to whatever you are towing while keeping the vehicle cleaner.

While these systems won’t provide 100% protection, the rustproof aluminum frame will increase vehicle and truck bed lifespan. Here are the five best options we recommend.

1. NorthWest Steel Crafters Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

NorthWest Steel Crafters Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps
NorthWest Steel Crafters Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

As an avid off-roader, one of the essential pieces of equipment I use on my vehicle is hitch mounted mud flaps. After trying many different types and brands, I can confidently say that the NorthWest Steel Crafters Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps are by far the best.

These mud flaps are powerful and durable. They stay in place with three full-length flaps across the truck's rear. The stainless steel anchor weights keep them well-balanced and secure.

They improve the vehicle’s style with their sleek design and thick steel construction, balancing style and function. These Northwest Steel Crafters Mud Flaps protect my vehicle from rocks and other debris and look good doing it.

The one downside of this product is the size. For some, it’s too big and covers too much of the truck. But the anti-spray grooves provide exceptional protection, and removing the middle flap is possible.

Thanks to their universal fitment, installation is a breeze. We don't need specific measurements for the vehicle because it can be properly adjusted to fit.


  • All hardware is included
  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless steel anchor weights help with the installation
  • Full-length design for the best coverage possible


  • Some users complain about the size
  • Not as easy to adjust compared to other options

2. Rockstar Agricover Full Width Tow Flap

Rockstar Agricover Full Width Tow Flap
Rockstar Agricover Full Width Tow Flap

If you're like me and love spending time on the open road in your pickup truck, you know the importance of quality accessories that keep your cargo safe and secure. That's why I'm so glad I found the Rockstar Agricover Full Width Tow Flap.

These Rockstar mud flaps use an adjustable strap system, so I can customize the fitment to whatever hitch mount size. It also has heavy-duty reinforced grommets for improved durability and strength when hauling heavier items.

This hitch mounted mud flap is made from a thick rubber material and rustproof aluminum. This helps protect against weather elements while keeping dirt and debris away.

Every purchase includes a set of metal mounting brackets, and the existing frame has pre-drilled holes. We installed this on our truck in just a few minutes because no complex drilling is required.


  • Won’t contact the OEM exhaust after installation
  • Provides excellent coverage
  • Heavy-duty with long-lasting durability


  • Not as versatile as other mud flap options

3. Access C100001 Mud Flaps

Access C100001 Mud Flaps
Access C100001 Mud Flaps

The Access C100001 Mud Flaps was one of the most impressive models I’ve found. These adjustable mud flaps instantly increased my truck's durability.

These mud flaps are easy to install. It only took me a few minutes, and they were securely attached to my truck. They're also great because they provide the perfect balance of protection and flexibility by adjusting the depth of coverage on each side of your tow hitch.

They keep dirt, debris, stones, and other particles away from your car or truck's body and allow maximum ground clearance while turning corners or navigating tight areas. The heavy-duty construction ensures that these mud flaps won't crack or break, no matter how much punishment you throw at them.

I can’t say enough about the adjustable clamping system. It’s also possible to pair a spacer sleeve with this mud flap system to fit different receiver types and sizes. The smooth surface minimizes ice build up too.


  • Durable material guarantees long-term use
  • Easy installation process
  • Provides superior protection compared to similar products
  • It gives a rugged yet refined look to any vehicle


  • Not the cheapest option

4. Guide Gear Hitch Mount Mud Flaps

Guide Gear Hitch Mount Mud Flaps
Guide Gear Hitch Mount Mud Flaps

The Guide Gear Hitch Mount Mud Flaps are perfect for keeping mud, dirt, and debris off my truck. I noticed instant improvements after installing these, making off-road driving a cleaner activity.

Installing these mud flaps was extremely easy. This is one of the key factors I look for, and with this system, you only need to screw them into the hitch mount area with simple hardware.

Even when I'm driving through muddy or rough terrain, these mudflaps hold up remarkably well without coming loose or shifting during use. I also appreciate how lightweight yet durable they are.

The heavy-duty rubber material will hold up in harsh conditions like rain and snow too. The textured surface helps minimize wind resistance while still providing maximum coverage over wheels and tires.

These customizable mud flaps will fit over a standard 2” receiver and includes a sway bar. They have a universal fit and can be easily adjusted depending on the size of each vehicle. But this is not the ideal choice for ball mount shank receivers.


  • Flexible and easy to adjust
  • Heavy-duty rubber construction
  • Universal fit


  • Reports of the bar bending after extended use

5. LUVERNE Mud Flaps


Another product I saw consistent results using was the LUVERNE Mud Flaps. They are adjustable and fit on a 2, 2-1/2, or 3-Inch ball mount shank.

The flaps have incredible durability too. The full-width flap is made of thick rubber with an additional exterior coating to resist ice or snow build-up. It’s also one of the widest options, providing full back-end truck and bumper coverage.

These mud flaps guarantee durability and protection. The mounting hardware is also very easy to install, taking only a few minutes to secure the flaps securely.  Fitting towing mud flaps like these typically takes some time, but it’s a quick process with this product.

Besides the obvious benefits of keeping my truck clean and protected, I also appreciate how stylish these mud flaps look when set up properly on the back end of my vehicle. They give it a rugged yet refined look that adds to its overall appeal while providing necessary protection at the same time.


  • Strong and heavy-duty construction
  • Simple trailer hitch attachment
  • Full-width trailer defense


  • They are heavy mud flaps, adding extra weight to the vehicle

Can I Install Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps Myself?

Installing hitch-mounted mud flaps is actually pretty easy – all you need are the correct tools and instructions. All of the necessary materials come in most kits, like stainless steel hardware for mounting, spacers, mud flap brackets, and of course, new mud flaps themselves.

It’s perfectly safe to do it by yourself too. However, caution is required because some drilling might be required. If you have no prior experience doing this, it is a good idea to seek help from a professional.

First, assemble the frame and gusset. Many of the models recommended in this guide have a frame with holes to attach the gusset with carriage bolts. Use washers and nuts to fasten these two parts together securely.

After the frame is built, use the available carriage bolts to assemble the clamps. The two clamps will bolt on the back side of the frame. After the mud flap is built, we can attach it to our vehicle.

If the truck has a ball mount hitch, slide it through the frame and clamp assembly. After placing it on the vehicle, the two support flanges should align on the center bumper step.

If it doesn't slide in immediately, push down on the ball mount and bumper to get the proper fit. Once we have this on our vehicle, we can easily insert and clamp the mud flaps on each side. They are held in place using carriage bolts, fender washers, lock washers, and nuts.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps?

After off-roading, the vehicle gets dirty and needs cleaning. One part that often gets neglected is the mud flaps and hitch mount area.

I know they're not something you think much about, but they keep dirt, dust, and debris away from your vehicle. So how often do I need to clean them?

Realistically, they never need to be cleaned by hand, but doing so can make them last longer and ensure they provide the best possible vehicle protection.

Simply washing the vehicle will also do a light cleaning on the mud flaps. This is all they need to remain functional. We often see this mud flap style on Dually trucks, and performing quarterly cleaning is ideal.

If I'm driving a lot on gravel roads or frequently off-roading, I'll want to check them more often than if I drove mainly on paved roads. To keep them looking their best, I like to give them a thorough cleaning every 3-4 months or so at a minimum.

Which Mud Flap Style Works Best?

It’s possible to find three mud flap styles. We recommend rubber, plastic, or metal designs. But what are the differences, and which style works best?


Rubber mud flaps are the most common because they are lightweight but provide similar protection to metal. The smooth surface is textured to help with ice and mud build-up

The rubber material is also more flexible compared to a metal design. The thick rubber can also resist heat and has an adjustable width for better versatility.


Plastic-grade mud flaps are also flexible, durable, and extremely lightweight. It’s more common to see this style on smaller cars, so a hitch-mound style can be avoided in most cases.


Lastly, you can also try metal mud flaps. This is more common for pickups and Dually trucks because of their durability. There are plenty of metal hitch mounted mud flaps available too.

How Long Should Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps Hang?

Ideally, the mud flap should hang at least 4-5 inches in clearance above the ground. This is a general rule, and it can vary depending on the mud flap type and vehicle size.

The mud flaps must be securely mounted on both sides of the hitching frame. This ensures that the mud flaps are stable and won't fly off when I'm driving at high speeds or over bumpy terrain.

Personally, I believe that these mudguards should hang no more than six inches from the ground. Any longer than this can cause excessive drag as you cruise down the highway, potentially decreasing fuel efficiency or causing the flaps to hinder vehicle performance.

Extra-long hanging mud guards may interfere with the reverse lights if their backsides dangle too low near those fixtures on the vehicle’s rear end. That's why I try to keep my flap length short and secure enough for optimal performance and safety when hitting roads.