Best Mopar Parts and Accessories

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Few things are better than a Mopar muscle car, Dodge Ram, or the off-road champion, the Jeep Wrangler. What are the best accessories for Mopar vehicles?

If you want to upgrade your ride, improve performance, or get something special for the Mopar lover, there are many performance parts and accessories to consider. The possibilities are endless, from car covers to step rails, apparel, organizers, tent extensions, and memorabilia.

If it is one thing that Mopar owners will tell you, they love their rides. Whether you have a Mopar muscle car, a RAM truck, or love the thrill of a mountain trail in your Jeep, there are plenty of enhancements to consider. While not every option can be wrapped up and placed next to a birthday cake or below a Christmas tree, we’ve tried to include various parts and accessories for every budget and across all kinds of Mopar vehicles. We are so excited about some of these significant enhancements that we are seriously considering ordering them ourselves, so let's begin.

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What Are The Best Mopar Parts and Accessories?

So many beautiful items could have been selected for our list, but we scoured Mopar forums to try and see what the most popular upgrades and accessories were being purchased today. Many family-owned small business owners sell Mopar performance parts and deliver world-class customer service, so be sure to consider them for your Mopar genuine parts needs.

Best Jeep Grand Cherokee - Mopar Floor Mats

2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubber Floor Mats
2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubber Floor Mats

Shame on you if you own a Jeep and don’t have a pair of custom-fit Mopar floor mats. Why would you take your Jeep mudding off-road to your favorite fishing hole or a mountain trail you want to hike? Why mess up your floor when you need your Jeep to take you home?

Mopar makes a great pair of custom-fit mats for the Jeep Wrangler that are reasonably priced, tough as nails, and thoroughly washable. These 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubber Floor Mats are high-walled bucket-style mats that fit over the drain holes. (That means you don’t have to remove them to wash them).  They look great with contrasting Jeep lettering. You can order these Jeep parts online or at your local dealership. Mopar is offering a great price on them right now, so snatch them up. While on the website, check out other genuine Mopar accessories available.

By the way, floor mats are great OEM parts/additions for a car, truck, van, or SUV, so don’t think your loved one won’t appreciate your help keeping their vehicle’s interior clean.

Best Classic Mopar Muscle Part - Upgrade Exhaust System

Mopar Exhaust systems
Mopar Exhaust systems

One of the classic cars' most popular upgrades is replacing the stock pipes with new exhaust pipes that can improve performance and create a growl that scares the neighbors. Mopar Exhaust systems come in many configurations, and as genuine Mopar parts, it is up to you how much of the exhaust system you want to replace. You can order new shiny exhaust tips, a Cat-Pack, or Axle-Pack, or even do the whole system with a Header-pack. While your budget might dictate exactly what piping you order, this has become a significant upgrade to show off Mopar Muscle. If you want to purchase an excellent part for a Mopar muscle lover as a gift, buy a pair of new exhaust times that will bring a shiny sparkle to the rear end.

Best RAM Truck Part - Mud Guards/Tonneau Covers/Running Boards

Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Covers
Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

These RAM mud guards are custom molded, black, and easy to install. There isn’t a truck owner who doesn’t wish they had splash guards on the rear wheels of their trucks. The mudguards don’t cost much, so that they won’t break the bank. They have the RAM logo embossed on them, so they look great. Help protect your truck with a pair of good old-fashioned splash guards.

If you want to spend more, try one of the Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Covers. These practical covers can guard your stuff in the cargo bed and keep intruders out. Gator makes tri-fold, quad-fold, and rollup versions for 5.7’ or 6.4’ beds. They are easy to install, with no tools needed. (Just clamp onto the bed rails). The cover is made from high-durable aluminum that is UV resistant and scratch-proof. Best of all, Gator makes its products in the USA and ships quickly. Their excellent customer service is right on point. (The guys are always willing to help should you need anything).

A pair of Mopar Running Boards is another great upgrade for any truck lover. Comnova makes a good set of 6” wide running boards, with your choice of stainless steel or black. The board is solid, durable, and weighted for 300 lbs. The Comnova products are rated highly on Amazon and feature anti-slip pads for more accessible entrance and exit. There are many running boards on the market, but this brand is always one of the top-selling categories for truck accessories. Comnova has an extensive inventory of truck parts for Mopar SUVs as well.

Best Part/Accessory For Young Drivers - Emergency Kit

Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit
Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit

There isn’t a parent that doesn’t worry about what to do if the car their teen is driving breaks down. Now, the Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit can put a parent’s heart to rest by ensuring that they have what they might need at their fingertips. The kit is Amazon’s Best Seller and contains 65 items, from a poncho to jumper cables to flashlights, gloves, and a first aid kit. It is very reasonably priced, and it is an affordable piece of insurance for any car. (We’re considering buying them for every car we own). Everlit Survival makes the kit (the company was founded by a group of Army veterans who have made it their passion for helping people survive, whether on the trail or in a broken down car.

Best Nostalgic Classic Car Accessory - Fuzzy Dice/Memorabilia

Retro Hanging Dice
Retro Hanging Dice

Fuzzy dice have long been associated with classic cars from the 50s, but they have their start earlier during World War II. Fighter pilots used to hook a pair of dice to their flight jackets for good luck. When the war ended, many parents who had served gave them to their new teenage drivers to hang in their cars. We like the two-pack in black and white, but you can get fuzzy dice in any color. Check out the Retro Hanging Dice we found on Amazon. (Now, we realize that not everybody is into fuzzy dice, but they don’t have to be if you are).

We wanted to add a plug for Mopar memorabilia like this simple metal sign we found on Mopar sign Amazon. If you have someone in your family who loves Mopar engines and muscle cars, consider finding some Mopar memorabilia. While much of the current stuff is replicas, sometimes you can find a genuine piece of Mopar history. We found a lot of genuine signs on sale on Etsy that we fell in love with. In addition, there were neon signs, clocks made from pistons and gears, shirts, caps, and even sneakers with the Mopar logo.

Best Security Part/Upgrade - Electronic Vehicle Tracking System

Your Mopar is not just any Mopar, it's your passion, and you want to protect it. We get you. In today’s chaotic world, you cannot be too careful. If the unthinkable happens and your ride gets stolen or carjacked, you want every resource you can offer to help the cops find it quickly. Mopar makes this Electronic Vehicle Tracking System that is easy to install and can pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle across the US, Mexico, and Canada. The Mopar support team is ready to assist you in recovering your vehicle should something happen.

While you do have to sign up for a yearly plan to facilitate the system, it is much cheaper than losing your ride and everything you have put into it. The Base plan provides essential protection and security features, but the Gold plan allows you to set speed and distance parameters, so if you wanted to, you could use the device to make sure that thief wouldn’t get too far away. (That will make it easier for the cops to pick them up). This is another Mopar add-on we are considering for our car).

Best Accessory for Jeep Wrangler Campers - Tailgate Table/Tent

Tailgate Table
Tailgate Table

Whether camping on the trail or tailgating at the ballpark, this handy tailgate table folds down when needed. It has plenty of room with corner cup holders and is made of durable aluminum with steel mounts. The table offers excellent convenience for prepping meals on the trail or just serving as a table if you need to hunker down in the back. When not in use, it folds up so as not to affect any cargo. The table mounts easily on the back door and comes with hardware for mounting in unequipped vehicles. The reviews have been very positive, with most reviewers wishing they had purchased the unit sooner.

While we are on the subject of camping, we want to introduce you to one elegant accessory for the outdoor adventurer. A Jeep Tailgate Tent will be an excellent addition for any Jeep lover who spends their free time camping in the mountains or at the lake. The tent is roomy, with 8’ x 8’ of tent space that will fit perfectly on the rear of the Wrangler. The tent is made from water-resistant nylon and is guaranteed to be waterproof. The tent has glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls (why didn’t someone think of this before). The tent is so easy to set up in just a few minutes. JustforJeeps also sells tents that fit on the roof rack, should you wish for a tent that gets you off the ground. If you plan to take your wrangler on vacation this year, do yourself a favor, skip the long hotel lines, and experience mother nature as God intended it to be.

Best Family Accessory - Back of Seat Car Organizer

Owleys Back of Seat Car Organizer
Owleys Back of Seat Car Organizer

If you are a frazzled parent with kids who can never seem to keep the car's back seat clean, consider purchasing the Owleys Back of Seat Car Organizer. It has pockets, two cup holders, and all kinds of nooks and crannies for sticking things like straws, markers, and crayons. The organizer fits almost all vehicles, is sold at a fair price, and goes a long way toward helping your kids stay organized on their rides home from school or long trips to Grandma. We loved that the bottom of the organizer is reinforced to act as a kick plate or keep the upholstery of the front seats neat by absorbing any shoe scuffs that might happen. (Now, if they could only figure out how to keep them from smearing M & Ms in the seats).

Best Accessory For Absent-Minded Hubby - Tile Mate 1 Key Tag

We know. You can’t find your keys. And you are late for work. Why wouldn’t anyone put these Tile Mate 1 thing on everything they own? (I’m thinking about putting it on the television remote). This ingenious transmitter sends a Bluetooth signal to your phone, and the app can establish a GPS signal to show you the location. If your phone is lost, the key tag can make your phone ring so you can track it down. The Tile Mate is easy to hook to your key ring and the app loads on either an iPhone or Android.