Best Edelbrock Ford 390 Intake Manifolds

Five Popular New Production Intakes

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Installing an aluminum intake manifold is often the first step of a Ford FE engine build, and the 390 is no exception. Performance intake manifolds will enable your engine to flow as much as it needs, potentially unlocking tons of extra ponies.

There aren't a whole lot of companies producing new intakes for the 390, but Edelbrock still offers a great variety. In this article, we’ll cover five great Edelbrock aluminum intakes for the Ford 390. We’ll also discuss the difference between aluminum and cast iron intake manifolds, along with specifics about the Ford FE engine family.

This is by no means an exhaustive list—just a practical guide for everyday 390 owners looking to upgrade their engine.

The best Edebrock intake manifolds for the 390 are the 2105 Performer, the 7105 Performer RPM, the 2936 Victor, the 29365 Victor EFI, and the 7505 Dual Quad intake manifold.

We sourced product facts and technical specifications directly from the manufacturer of these intake manifolds for accuracy. We also spoke with big block builders and experts to get their opinions on the best Ford 390 intake manifold options.

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Cast Iron vs. Aluminum Intake Manifolds

So, what’s the difference between stock cast iron manifolds and performance aluminum manifolds? The most obvious improvement is weight, as aluminum intakes weigh considerably less than their bulky iron counterparts.

Another advantage of aluminum is temperature. Aluminum is much less dense than cast iron, so it heats up and cools down faster. That means your engine will warm up quicker on cold mornings and cool down faster on hot days.

The final advantage is the performance itself, as upgraded intakes tend to flow better and more efficiently than factory iron slabs. This helps your engine get the air and fuel that it needs to produce more power. This is especially important for big-block Ford 390 V8 engines and similar power plants.

How to Choose a 390 Intake Manifold

Choosing an intake manifold for your 390 is easy. All you have to do is decide how much power do you want to make and what other parts you’re going to install.

For example, a basic engine build with cast iron heads would work well with a mild intake, such as an Edelbrock 2105. On the other hand, a performance build with a radical camshaft and increased compression would benefit most from a more aggressive intake, such as a high-rise 2936 Victor.

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing an intake for your 390 or other FE engine:

  • Carburetor CFM
  • Cylinder head type
  • Engine displacement
  • Intended final product (mileage, top-end power, etc)

Once you answer these questions, you’ll be able to find the perfect aluminum intake for your Ford FE block. It’s best to start small, as you can always upgrade it down the line.

Five Best 390 Intake Manifolds

We talked to experts and scoured the internet to find the best intake manifolds for Ford FE engines. These intakes will work for other FE big-block V8 engines such as the 352 and the 360, but they’re tuned and optimized to work best on the good old 390.

1. Edelbrock 2105 Performer Intake Manifold


The Edelbrock Performer is a classic go-to intake manifold upgrade for vintage V8 engines. This affordable intake is a great place to start, and it’s an affordable way to ditch that old cast iron manifold.

The dual-plane Edelbrock Performer 2105 is an aluminum intake manifold for Ford FE big block V8 engines. The basic operating range is from idle (less than 1,000 rpm) to 5,500 rpm, which is more than enough for basic 390 builds.

The height of the low-rise Edelbrock Performer 2105 is 4.920 inches, which is short enough for most carburetor and air cleaner combinations. It’s a square bore, which means it’ll fit a standard Holley or Edelbrock 4-barrel.

This intake will NOT fit a stock Motorcraft spread bore. If you want to run a spread bore, you’ll need a square bore adapter. You can purchase an adapter here. Overall, the basic Edelbrock Performer is a perfect upgrade for basic engine builds.

Edelbrock 2105 Facts:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Fits single square bore 4BBL carburetors
  • Dual-plane and low-rise intake
  • RPM range from idle to 5,500
  • Natural finish

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2. Edelbrock 7105 Performer RPM Intake Manifold


The Edelbrock Performer RPM is the next step above the standard Edelbrock Performer. Guys who hotrod Ford FE engines swear by this intake, and many people recommend purchasing it straight away (even for basic builds).

This intake manifold is a dual-plane design. It helps maximize top-end power and can achieve higher horsepower and torque than the standard Performer intake and any stock cast iron intake. You can add a PCV or breather to this manifold, and it fits most stock and aftermarket Ford FE engine heads.

This intake has a maximum center height of 5.460 inches. That isn’t the shortest available, but it’s still short enough to fit almost any carb and air cleaner combo under standard hoods. It’s a square bore 4-barrel intake, so you’ll need an adapter to run a spread bore like a Quadrajet.

Overall, this aluminum intake is perfect for mid-range, and basic Ford 390 engine builds. It pairs well with a mild cam, 4-barrel carburetors in the 650 to 800 CFM range, and aluminum heads. It can help you get the most out of any other accessories or upgrades you install on your FE block.

Edelbrock 7105 Facts:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Fits single square bore 4BBL carburetors
  • Produces more top-end power than standard Performer intakes
  • Dual-plane design with low-rise height
  • Natural finish

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3. Edelbrock 2936 Victor Intake Manifold


Looking for more power? Give the big bad Edelbrock 2936 Victor high-rise style intake manifold a try. High-rise type manifolds are a classic addition to 390 big blocks, and they offer some of the best performance you can find.

This power boost is due to the large ports and extra height of the manifold. Unlike other high-rise style intakes, this relatively short model works well for vehicles with low hood clearance like the Ford Mustang. It should also work well with almost any sensible carb and air cleaner combination on trucks.

This intake manifold has upgraded runners and square bore compatibility. The Edelbrock 2936 intake is Nitrous-compatible and works well with 1-inch or 2-inch spacers. Overall, this intake manifold is ideal for high-performance Ford 390 builds, especially stroker and 428 conversions.

Edelbrock 2936 Facts:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Designed for performance builds
  • Fits single square bore 4BBL carburetors
  • Peak RPM range from 4,000 to 8,000
  • Natural finish

Note: This intake requires port matching; see instructions.

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4. Edelbrock 7505 Dual Quad Intake Manifold


Is there a step above the Edelbrock 2936 for performance 390 engine builds? Indeed there is. When one carburetor isn’t enough, the Edelbrock 7505 dual-quad intake can help. It’s one of the best Ford 390 intake manifolds for high-powered engines.

This dual-plane intake manifold, which is designed for low and medium-rise Ford 390 heads, enables you to run two 4-barrel carburetors on your engine. It has the potential to add a significant amount of power, especially when used in conjunction with properly sized carbs and heads.

It’s not a great idea to slap this intake onto a stock engine with choked-up iron heads and a stock camshaft. That’s because it’s entirely possible to cause over-carburetion, which kills power and wastes fuel. This is an intake manifold for a fine-tuned high-performance build such as a stroker motor.

Edelbrock 7505 Facts:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Designed for two 4BBL carbs
  • Works best with dual 500CFM carburetors
  • Compatible with low-rise and medium-rise heads
  • Center height of 5.280 inches

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5. Edelbrock 29365 Victor EFI Intake Manifold


EFI, or electronic fuel injection, is one of the easiest ways to improve your FE engine’s reliability and efficiency. The board 390 isn’t known for being the most efficient as it is, so installing a fuel injection system can noticeably improve your gas mileage.

But efficiency alone is boring. The Toyota Camry is efficient, and it never came with a big rumbling 390. The Edelbrock 29365 is a high-performance intake manifold designed to facilitate as much power as EFI has to offer.

This intake manifold is designed for flow. Its ports are large enough for a built 390 to breathe all the air and fuel that it needs. Overall, this intake has the same performance benefits as the standard Edelbrock 2936 Victor intake with the added benefit of fuel injection compatibility.

Edelbrock 29365 Facts:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Designed for EFI fuel systems
  • Similar specs to standard Edelbrock Victor
  • Single-plane design
  • Natural finish

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