EAZ Lift Weight Distribution Hitch Review

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You’ve heard about the EAZ weight distribution hitch and want to know more. Read on for an EAZ lift weight distribution hitch review.

The EAZ weight distribution system is a popular trailer hitch for handling heavy loads. The system counterbalances the trailer weight, preventing trailer sway by connecting two stabilizing spring arms to the trailer tongue. The EAZ Lift Elite is the number one weight distribution hitch on Amazon.

A weight distribution hitch can help you tow up to the capacity of your truck, and they provide balance, stability, and security for millions of Americans every day. While many WD systems are on the market, one of the most popular is the EAZ Lift Elite weight distribution hitch. (It is the number one bestseller on Amazon). We wondered what made this hitch so famous and whether it was worth the attention it’s been getting. Is there something about the design that makes it any better than a WD hitch from Curt, DrawTite, or B & W? Let’s read on to discover what we can about the EAZ Lift Elite and maybe satisfy our curiosity.

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What Is So Special About the EAZ Lift WD System

The EAZ lift is similar to other modern weight distribution systems in that it is built with spring arms leading from the ball mount to the trailer tongue. These stabilizing arms connect directly to the tongue and allow the trailer weight to be more evenly distributed over all wheels of the trailer and tow vehicle wheels. The result is that as the towing process proceeds, the trailer and tow vehicle work in harmony. Steering control is increased because the trailer is being forced to follow the guidance of the truck pulling the load. This configuration assists in inhibiting trailer sway,, which often happens with a simple ball mount to coupler connection. A WD hitch also helps to level the tow height between the trailer and truck, which reduces wear on the rear axle of the tow vehicle.

What Are The Advantages Of The EAZ Lift System?

There are several reasons why EAZ lift weight distribution systems are a favorite among RV owners.

Long History of Weight Distribution Systems

EAZ Lift has been producing weight distribution hitches for over 70 years since its inception in 1952. One of the first companies to produce this hitch, EAZ Lift is now owned by CAMCO and has several factories spread out across the US and in China.

Combination Of Chains and Spring Arms

The EAZ Elite weight distribution hitch uses a unique combination of spring arms and chains to get balance between the truck and trailer. While most WD systems connect the spring arms directly to the trailer tongue, the Elite uses chains with mounting brackets to make the connection. The spring arms ride lower, but the chains provide more flexibility during turns and other trailer maneuvers.

The purpose of the round spring arms is to divide the trailer’s downward weight among the axles of the tow vehicle. Since a trailer tends to exert a tremendous downward force on the rear end of a truck, the weight distribution system counterbalances this force, helping to lift the trailer tongue, and maintaining a level towing angle. The more the weight is evenly distributed, the better traction and surface contact all the tires have. This system helps with steering control and keeps the tow vehicle from being influenced by the trailer. (With towing, you want the truck to pull the trailer rather than the weight of the trailer pushing the truck, which leads to unsafe conditions).

The tapered round bars that the EAZ Elite system uses to provide more ground clearance for the trailer’s tongue as it negotiates dips in driveways and on the road. You won’t have to worry about scraping and damaging the hitch (as you would on other WD systems).

The trouble with many WD systems is that the spring arms are so locked onto the tongue that they do little to inhibit trailer sway. The direct connections may redistribute the tongue weight or help provide a more level towing height, but steering and braking can sometimes be compromised. Some systems prohibit the trailer and tow vehicle from going in reverse because it could damage the system.

Adjustable Sway Control

The EAZ Elite weight distribution hitch has external adaptable sway control, allowing the owner to set the tension between the trailer and the tow vehicle. By moving the clamp adjustment forward, the owner can increase or decrease the amount of sway control the hitch has. Since every trailer pull is unique, this is a very practical feature that allows the hitch to adapt to different conditions.

Ease of Installation

The EAZ Elite comes from the factory ready to install, saving time for the trailer owner. The kit comes with a 2 5/16-inch trailer ball for the coupler and interchangeable spring arms that can work on either side of the trailer tongue. The U-bolts on the connecting chains and brackets are pre-installed and easily fit onto the tongue.

The round spring arms secure into place in the hitch mount with an easy latch system and are held by solid cotter pins. The arms are inserted into the brackets on the hitch ball mount, rotated until they lock, and then kept in position with a safety pin. Unlike other systems, the bars are easy, lightweight, and installed without hassle.

The unit weighs only 30 lbs, so an RV owner can have this WD hitch fully assembled in minutes an RV owner can have this WD hitch fully assembled in minutes with a few simple bolts and a ratchet set for tightening the connections, an RV owner can have this WD hitch fully assembled in minutes.

Budget Friendly

The EAZ Lift hitch is budget-friendly in that it is one of the least expensive hitches on the market. The hitch will cost around $275, depending on where you purchase it. See this link on the

EAZ Lift Elite from Amazon for the most current price.


The EAZ Lift Elite has a 5-year warranty, which is beneficial considering how much abuse weight distribution hitches get during their lifetimes.

Variety of Sizes

EAZ lift provides various sizes of the Elite, which can help the RV owner find a suitable hitch for the weight of their trailer or camper. (The company makes other systems designed for towing heavier weights if needed).

Where Are EZ Lift Hitches Made?

EAZ Lift is headquartered in Greensboro, NC and has been in business since 1952. Although they are a subsidiary of CAMCO (also based in North Carolina), the company has been in the business of helping customers have the smoothest and safest towing experience possible. The hitches are distributed in the US but the hitches are made in China. Both companies make various different hitches and trailer accessories.

EAZ Lift has excellent customer service, and it appears that the company is taking its mission for RV excellence to heart.

What Do Reviewers Say About The EAZ Elite?

The Elite has been around for some time, so there are no shortage of reviews concerning it. The overwhelming amount of reviews are positive, and the hitch has a 4.7 rating on Amazon and is rated number one in the “Towing Weight Distribution Hitches” category. In addition, the hitch is one of the featured WD systems on Forbes list of Best Weight Distribution Hitches for 2023. The hitch has also made several other “best of” lists, including Autoguide.com, RVtrends.com, and RVknowhow.com.

While negative reviews are few and far between, this hitch has been dinged occasionally for noise (primarily from the chains clanking, we suspect). Some EAZ lift kits do not include the hitch ball, so you want to ensure that your order the hitch kit that includes one if needed.

All in all, this hitch continues to appear as one of the best weight distribution hitches year after year, and we believe the reason is that this EAZ Lift Elite provides the most value at the best price point for most RV owners.

Can You Reverse With The EAZ Lift?

Yes, you can reverse with the EAZ Lift system without disengaging the weight distribution bars, reducing the sway control. This capability is unlike other WD systems on the market.

What’s The Bottom Line About the EAZ Lift Elite?

This weight distribution hitch is one of the most affordable and effective weight distribution hitches on the market. Its ease of installation, quality build, and effective sway control make it a hitch that is more than capable of protecting your trailer as you tow down the highway. As far as trailer hitches go, this EAZ Lift is one of the best and certainly worth the purchase.