Hartland Trailer Tires Review

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Hartland represents one of the upcoming US tire manufacturers in the tire business. So, are these tires worth the price? We have the answers.

Hartland tires are worth every coin because they are well known for their exceptional ability to handle large loads. They are also efficiently constructed to avoid quick wear and tear. Additionally, the tires are constructed with superior material that assures durability and adaptability.

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Vehicle and trailer tires are designed differently, with differences in the ply and structure, as well as the sidewall and tread designs. It's one of those topics that you may not have given much thought to, but if you have a trailer, want to replace the tires, or are shopping for a trailer, you must be aware of these distinctions. This is because the choices that you make will have consequences; you cannot afford to make the wrong choice.

I love traveling with my trailer towed to my truck. I find this driving experience thrilling. However, I recently noted that my trailer tires would wear out quickly and have cracks on the sidewalls. It led to the trailer swaying and reduced the vehicle's stability. I was frustrated because the amount of money I used to repair these trailer tires needed to be higher and worth the price. After doing thorough research on the ideal trailer tires, I found out that the issue is that only a few tire manufacturers consistently provide high quality trailer tires. Thus, the trailer tire alternatives are limited to a handful.

Fortunately, Discount Tires shop represents one of the few well-known and trustworthy brands, and finding Hartland tires is not difficult. Hartland tires are highly recommended if you're looking for a set of premium trailer tires that are reasonably affordable compared to most other tires on the market. The unique qualities and specifications of this product make the costs reasonable. Since I started using Hartland tires, they have been my only choice because they effectively perform on different terrains and are durable.

About Hartland Trailer Tires

Discount Tire is the only shop that offers Hartland Tires to fulfill every driver's needs on the road. The business is also renowned for supporting innovation as a tool for creating new products, and as a result, it can produce goods of excellent quality at competitive prices. In particular, the best trailer tires that Hartland Tires offer are used all over the country and are widely perceived for their all-terrain performance.

Hartland Tires are made exclusively for trailers to carry big loads and maintain durability since the broad, and heavy treads support the trailer. As a result, your trailer will be adaptable and remain secure on any terrain with the help of the Hartland Tires. The company also looks after its consumers with top-notch customer support and warranty coverage on already-purchased goods. Its dedicated customer service team has been very vocal in assisting their customers, and this includes giving an after-sale service.

Main Design Features and Technologies of Hartland Tires

Hartland tires are designed to provide dependable performances in various environments and terrains and a relaxing, quiet ride. The manufacturer has given them two crucial quality features to accomplish these goals. With that in mind, the following are the two quality features that make the trailer tires perform effectively:

N-rating Speed

Harland trailer tires are rated N for speed. It means that with the rating, the tires can go up to 87mph without blowing or getting punctured. Typically, this speed may be challenging when using other kinds of trailer tires currently on the market. Therefore, as long as the trailer has Harland tires, you can travel at 87mph while towing a heavy trailer without encountering any problems.

Modern Rib Design

One of the tire's most enticing qualities is its innovative rib pattern, which is present on every Hartland tire. Whatever the surface, this rib arrangement enables the tire to provide a peaceful, pleasant, and silent ride. It requires a relatively minimal weight to control and keep stable contact with the driving terrain. Hartland tires are one of the quietest heavy-duty trailer tires available, making them stand out among their competitors. Therefore, Hartland trailer tires are the best option if you're taking a long drive with the trailer and require tires that will get you there comfortably.

Best-Selling Hartland Tires

When making trailers, Hartland Trailer Tires is one of the top manufacturers because they offer unmatched customer service and high-quality products. After assessing different Hartland trailer tire reviews, I found that most customers bought two kinds of Hartland trailer tires. The following are the tires, their purpose, features, and performance towards different terrain conditions:

Hartland ST Radial Tires

Purpose and Size Availability

The Hartland ST Radial tires are designed especially for heavy-duty trailers transporting large loads. This is due to the demanding nature of their mandate and the need to ensure performance and safety. They offer smooth, quiet, and pleasant rides since their construction withstands high loads. Additionally, they can perform demanding tasks because of their powerful features and characteristics, and they are therefore very versatile tires. When it comes to sizes, there are various sizes of the tire, ranging from 13 inches to 16 inches, with a load range categorized into class C, D, E, and G. As a result, it can work most heavy-duty trailers on the market.

Features and Performance

As discussed earlier, this tire supports big weights while providing a comfortable and smooth ride. It has several excellent performance attributes that distinguish it from the competition. Once more, one of the selling features of the tires is their capacity to provide a silent ride, making the experience more pleasant because of their advanced rib design.

When it comes to dry performance, the tires have a well-outlined tread pattern and an n rating for speed that helps it to improve handling and control of the vehicle. The broad tire base also increases the surface area of making a sharp corner on the highway without interfering with the vehicle's stability.

Overheating is one of the most common problems on the road, and it can lead to a waste of time and money. With overheating, you can be stranded for long. To avoid such a problem, the most prudent thing to do is to make sure that you buy tires that will not overheat. This will ensure that you are not inconvenienced at any place or time.

On a sunny day, The Hartland trailer tires also have heat-dissipating features so that they don't overheat when towing a heavy load or over extended distances. When it comes to speed, the excellent N- rating also helps the vehicle to cover long distances at a convenient time since it allows you to move at speeds of up to 87mph.

For wet performance,  the trailer tires use a hydro grip technology that ensures the tread patterns are deep enough and have a directional symmetry to splash out water out of the tire's way effectively. When the tire prevents hydroplaning, it increases its braking power to avoid overturning the vehicle due to sliding. Such features play a critical in preventing a possible accident.

Similarly, tires also help to improve traction in snowy and icy road conditions, even while driving at high speeds. For off-road performance, the rigid internal construction of the tire and the sidewall ensures that the tires resist rocks and other debris from puncturing them or making them blow.

Verdict on the Average Performance

According to a Discount tires shop, Hartland ST Radial tires perform above average in all terrain conditions and maintain a long service life due to their durability. It is a reliable tire option with features which are advanced. Additionally, most customers appreciate the ST Radial tire due to its sturdy nature and ability to produce a quiet nose even while driving off-road.

Hartland All Steel ST Radial Tires

Purpose and Size Availability

As a modern trailer owner, you require a set of tires for your trailer that are high-quality, long-lasting, and able to handle heavy towing. You will need the Hartland Radial ST all Steel tire to make this possible. As its name implies, this tire is made entirely of steel, making it capable of supporting some of the most oversized loads, and withstand pressure. The tire doesn't sacrifice ride quality despite having a solid carcass structure. When it comes to size, the tire has 16” as the only size and a G-load range which aids in transporting huge loads without experiencing premature wear and tear.

Features and Performance

The tire consists of a symmetrical ribbed tread pattern, numerous siping, and an all-season compound that enhances traction in dry, wet, and icy conditions. Additionally, the rubber composition of the tire enables the rubber compound to be flexible and adaptable from the sweltering heat of the summer to the chiller winter weather.

When it comes to the tire treads, the tread components increase the amount of biting edges that cling to the pavement, ensuring the tire's stable performance. The circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning and improve driving safety in wet and icy conditions by channeling water below the tire footprint.

Regarding the tire's internal construction, the steel belt structure makes it easy to transport and endure enormous weights. It enables the trailer to carry more luggage, thus increasing the load capacity. The tire's construction also reduces road vibrations, especially in an off-road setting. As a result, the tire performs more smoothly, preventing trailer wobble and providing a more robust performing capacity.

The controllability is also enhanced by the Hartland Radial ST all Steel since the symmetrical ribbed tread pattern closely mimics the texture of the road. Additionally, The center and substantial shoulder ribs always keep the vehicle in contact with the road, improving the steering's responsiveness and the vehicle's stability. Trailer damage is protected against the driving force since the tire model responds to the towing vehicle handling more quickly and precisely.

Verdict on the Average Performance

According to the Discount tires, the ST Radial all steel from Hartland brand is simply one of the best for trailers because they are flexible and adaptable to different terrains and weather conditions. Additionally, customers who wrote their reviews repeatedly commented on the tire's ability to resist busting, punctures, or losing shape due to the interior steel construction and rigid sidewalls.

The Price and Discounts of Hartland Trailer Tires

The price per ST Radial tire ranges between $70 and $140, and are therefore sustainable in term of cost. Consequently, if you chose to purchase a set of 4 tires for the trailer, you would pay between $280 and $560, which is a reasonable price. Regarding the ST Radial all steel tires, the Discount tires are sold for $210, including the installation services. Therefore, if you buy 4 tires, a set will total $840.

As a prudent consumer, be on the lookout for various offers and discounts that tire companies offer from time to time. For example, the Hartland trailer tires are eligible for the same 10% military discount as other tires offered by the Discount tires shop. Therefore, you will receive a 10% discount if you are a military family member, veteran, or active-duty service member woman. Remember that Discount Tire does not accept hidden fees and offers very open rates. As a result, you will receive an exact price and an honest assessment of the total cost of the tires when you purchase its products. All you need to do is to call the provider and request a quote on the specific product that you want.

Hartland Trailer Tires Warranties and Guarantees

The only tire with a warranty is the Hartland ST Radial. Discount Tire will fix this tire if it still has 3/32” of its initial tread left under this guarantee. Additionally, if the tire is damaged because of workmanship or material problems, Discount Tire will exchange it for a brand-new tire of equal quality at no cost.

However, it's important to note that the warranty will cover your tire, and you must obtain the business's certificates for repair, refund, or replacement. Therefore, the company will adequately insure your pair of tires from workmanship or materials flaws if you purchase an approved Hartland trailer tire and accompany it with the correct certifications.

Trailers that are Compatible with Hartland Tires

Hartland trailer tires are designed for different types of trailers due to the availability of different sizes and fits. Typically, Hartland trailer tires can carry a maximum of 17,000 pounds and thus are unsuitable for flatbed and low bed trailers because they carry up to 40,000 pounds. It is only suited for trailer RVs. The following are some types of trailers compatible with the Hartland trailer tires:

  • Fifth-wheel trailers
  • Conventional trailers
  • Expandable trailers
  • Sports utility  trailers
  • Heavyweight campers.

Why you should choose Hartland Trailer Tires

Greater Load Capacity

Hartland tires can handle large loads of cargo easily and comfortably with the help of Hartland Trailer tires. Drivers can use them in a way that doesn't put too much strain on the car and the driver, enabling them to work for extended periods without getting tired. The Hartland brand is well known for producing premium aftermarket accessories and parts in the off-road business sector. It is also made feasible using premium, environmentally friendly materials to manufacture the tires. The tires make a good choice for American consumers who desire to be sensitive to the environment.

Fuel Economy

For individuals who lead busy and adventurous lifestyles, Hartland tires are the best choice. The tires are ideal for those who wish to drive elegantly and adhere to environmental regulations due to their excellent fuel efficiency. They are also quite distinctive due to their design since they help to reduce heat while driving. The company ensures that its tires emphasize consuming less gasoline on the road while improving comfort and fuel economy. This is done by manufacturing tires that minimize the rolling resistance and create equal vehicle contact. With this type of tires, then, you will be able to save a lot of money over the long-run.